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It's the BROOKLYN way

Hi, Welcome! I'm Tamara

My grandmother takes blurry pictures. ALL the time. Then, she prints them from her chair with her stack of paper and little printer (that always runs out of ink) balanced on a TV dinner tray next to her mug of Pepsi, which is normally half diluted from the amount of ice she adds.

Whenever you visit, you can expect to smile from where you sit. You'll also have a photo album which you've seen 542 times, thrown in your lap with the words: "There's some new ones in there since you last came!" You know they will be blurry but, you look anyway. You WANT to see the family that came by since you last stopped by. She is the keeper of history. She is the keeper of love, of joy. She is my inspiration.

When I think of the stories my grandmother loves to tell over and over and the stories of others that I connect with, I find them to all be about three things:

People. Places. Emotions. In one word, Experiences.

I love photography because it celebrates the experiences in life. It allows us to relive and reflect on our relationships with ourselves and others as well as the places and emotions connected with those relationships. For me, it is about storytelling. It's about creating images that have soul. They make you feel. They breathe and come alive while celebrating the connections you've made in life.

I started Thirty Three Photography, inc in September 2012 after 8 years of photographing people and places and moving from film to digital. I would be honored if you invited me to experience yor journey with you by telling your story. Give me a call (917-971-2594) or send me an email (click Connect) so we can meet up and discuss the vision and details of your wedding day.

A Good Life is a Collection of Happy Moments - Denis Waitley

photograph taken by Tory Williams Photography

Crafting playful, romantically stylish photographs for joyful souls who crave the long-lasting

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