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My Style is Timeless Contemporary.
In a sentence think: when the trends fade, you'll still be able to feel the love in your photographs because emotion never gets old.
My style is playfully romantic with hints of casual elegance and thoughtful 
personal accents to represent your love. It is simple, yet stylish. Gorgeous without all the fuss.
Your photographs will be timeless - fresh always with your love as the highlight. Your photographs will be contemporary - you can relax because they aren't over-posed or stiff. They are visually interesting without being overdone. They feel lived-in and complement your lifestyle.  

I aim to create photographs that make you feel. They come alive and breathe with the emotion of the moment. When you look at them, you can hear the laughter, taste the food and feel your heart beat a thousand miles a minute the way it did when you walked down the aisle.


Crafting playful, romantically stylish photographs for joyful souls who crave the long-lasting

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