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My Approach is about Storytelling, not just Coverage.
When I photograph your wedding, it is about more than getting that one perfect photo. It is about the full story of your love, the important people in your life and the details of the day that put the icing on the cake.
I photograph to weave you as a couple, your guests and details throughout the story. You and your new spouse are the highlight: your emotions, gorgeous dress, big smiles and first moments together as husband and wife are prominent. The people who matter most to you are an important part of your story and are shown as they were at your wedding: laughing, crying and gazing in awe. The details that you fussed over are glorified and zoomed in on. Your story. Your day. Forever.

I direct posing when I must and step back and let things happen when it's necessary. I do not shy away from family portraits - I think they are important for history's sake. However, I don't spend hours taking them. I also direct posing during your creative portrait time with your husband. The rest of the time I let you and your guests enjoy the day naturally.

Crafting playful, romantically stylish photographs for joyful souls who crave the long-lasting

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